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Rails Football Fundraiser


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Donate to the 2020 Rails Football fundraiser here!

Fundraisers are the key way that teams purchase equipment, make facility improvements and invest in student-athletes. Show your Southside Pride for the Rails by donating today.

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Thank you for helping Lincoln Rails Football!

Fundraiser Goals
Below are two key fundraising projects that your donation would directly impact.

Post-Workout Nutrition: Proper recovery after a workout is essential to us achieving our maximum potential. Our post-workout nutrition includes milk, protein shake, and a peanut butter sandwich for all the kids who work out with us. That is approximately 200 servings per week.

Youth Scholarship Project: We are looking to make the Rails Youth Football Club accessible to all kids on the Southside, despite financial limitations.

Did You Know?
Lincoln Activities doesn't have a formal budget from DMPS so the department has to fundraise every dollar they spend too. The AD office relies on donations from events like the Maroon and Gold Gala and the annual golf outing, along with corporate sponsorships, to fulfill funding requests from every team and student organization at Lincoln High School.

The department also relies on BLH to help meet additional funding requests. By purchasing a BLH membership, you're helping BLH reach it's funding goals. Check out BLH membership options here.